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Standards for the reception

Sociedad civil, rezago tecnocientífico y micronegocios
Cofactor   Año 5   Núm. 9  enero-junio de 2014

Standards for the reception of originals


I. General information

Cofactor is an academic magazine edited by the Council of Research and Evaluation of Social Policies of the State of Mexico (CIEPS in spanish), which disseminates original researches on the subject of social development. Contributions are the result of applied studies that present advances in the discussion of this field.

The objective of this magazine is to be a space for discussion  and critique in the field of social development. At the same time, it strives to make itself a mandatory reference in the subject for those responsible for governmental decision-making as well as researchers, academics and students.

The principal topic includes the analysis and research of different social sciences in subjects such as poverty, marginalization, exclusion, inequality, gender, migration, education, health, social expenditure, demographics and welfare, among others.

The articles contained in the magazine are the exclusive responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the institution. All of the originals that are sent for publication will go through an editorial process that consists of various phases. For this, it is necessary that the presentation follow certain standards to facilitate editing and avoid publication delays...

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